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      A player's authority consists of more than just the number of keels. You can also get respect for a top skin. The ability to play with the UMP-45 with the Primal Saber skin lets everyone know, ”I'm the boss here”. white.market is a haven for CS:GO players hunting for high-grade SMG skins.
      CS:GO Trade SMG with white.market
      When it comes to trading SMG skins in CS:GO, white.market is the marketplace second to none. Forget about forums, Telegram chats and trading bots. white.market is a P2P marketplace. It is directly connected to Steam and works without intermediaries. What does it mean?
      • There is no room for scams. If you are not new to skin trading, you should have noticed that trading bots are full of scammers. All because of intermediaries. Every trade is always a risk. But this is not the case for white.market. All trades here are automatic, and the website is much more secure than trading bots.
      • Easy access to your items. When you put your skins for sale on trading bots, you can’t use them. This is a problem. Business is business, but fun is fun. When you are trying to sell your car, you can still drive it, right? So, on white.market, you can keep using your skins while waiting for a customer.
      • Crypto deposits and withdrawals. You can trade CS:GO skins for your local currency or crypto.
      So next time you're clutching a 1v3 on Mirage and you whip out that MP7, make sure it's one that tells the world you're not here to mess around. Get your killer SMG skins from white.market and elevate your game.
      There are over 200k trade offers available on white.market right now! Explore the marketplace to find your best deal!
      How to Buy SMGs CS:GO Skins
      Alright, let's cut to the chase: you're here to grab a killer SMG skin that matches your gameplay and makes your opponents think twice before peeking that corner.
      All CS:GO SMGs
      First, check out the available SMGs skins in CS:GO:
      What about all the other guns? Search by weapon type:
      We are sure you found some skins you would buy. Did you? Ok, so let’s start.
      Step 1: Log In via Steam
      white.market is directly connected to your Steam account. This is a P2P marketplace. So sellers hold a skin all the time, and buyers get them immediately after the purchase. So, go to white.market and hit the ”Log In” button. You will be redirected to Steam. Log In via Steam to continue.
      Note: Your account must be set for trading. Here is the checklist:
      • Confirm your email on white.market
      • Activate Steam Guard (if you haven’t yet)
      • Make sure that your privacy settings on Steam and your inventory are set to ”Public”.
      • If you haven't set up a Steam Trade Link on white.market yet, please do so in your profile.
      • Set up an API Key on white.market.
      • Install the white.market’s Google Chrome extension or download our mobile app for safe trading: Google Play / App Store.
      All done? Fine. Let’s move on.
      Step 2: Top-up your account
      Click “Balance” in the top-right corner. Then, click the Plus icon and choose the deposit type. You may deposit funds with your card in any of the available currencies, or you may choose crypto and top-up your trading account through blockchain.
      Now you have some money on your balance to buy SMGs skins on CS:GO.
      Step 3: Browse and Select Your Desired Rifle
      We have over 200k+ available offers right now. Over 20k of them are SMG skins alone. It would take days to scroll them all, so use a search bar and filter-specific skins you are willing to buy. For example, you want to buy a Fade. Open “Filters” and find it by its name to see all available offers. You can also filter skins by price, exterior and rarity.
      Spot a skin that makes you say, ”That’s the one”? Click on it. You'll get a detailed view of the skin along with its price, condition, and any other specifics. We get it, you're picky about your skins, and so are we. Ready to buy a SMGs CS:GO skin? Click “Buy” to send an offer. The seller will see your request and confirm it. The skin will be transferred to you automatically. Professional traders often confirm offers within an hour.
      If you didn’t find your desired skin, you may create an order. You will automatically buy a desirable item at a good price as soon as it’s available for sale.
      Check FAQ: How to buy SMGs at CS:GO
      How to Sell SMGs Skins for CS:GO
      So, you’ve racked up some SMG skins, and you're considering parting ways with a few. Maybe you’re upgrading to that elusive Factory New MP7 Cirrus, or perhaps you’ve just got too many P90 Grim skins clogging your inventory. Whatever the reason, selling on white.market is as straightforward as locking in your crosshair for that perfect spraydown.
      First, you need to log in and set up your account for trading. The first steps are the same:
      • Log in via Steam ID;
      • Confirm your email;
      • Activate Steam Guard;
      • Make sure your inventory is set to ”Public” on Steam;
      • Set up a Steam Trade Link on white.market;
      • Set up an API Key on white.market;
      • Install the white.market’s Google Chrome extension or download our mobile app for safe trading: Google Play / App Store.
      Then, open your Inventory and select the skin for sale. Let’s say you want to sell an MP7 Teal Blossom. Click on it and set your price. Then, press the ”Sell now” button.
      The SMG will be sold automatically if somebody pre-orders your skin at your price. Otherwise, you need to wait for someone to buy your skin. You'll receive a Steam offer as soon as it happens. Don’t forget to check your offers.
      And let's get one thing straight: unlike some platforms that make you wait an eternity to get your funds, white.market gets you your money ASAP.
      Done selling? Check the buyer's nickname, photo, and registration date, and accept the trade. Confirm the offer in the Steam app. After the deal is complete, your money will be credited to your white.market balance.
      Keep doing business!
      Check FAQ: How to sell SMGs on CS:GO
      The Best Place to Trade Skins for CS:GO SMGs
      Let's wrap this up by getting to the point: white.market is the real deal for trading CS:GO SMG skins. You might wonder, with all the platforms and trading sites out there, what sets white.market apart from the crowd? Well, it's a cocktail of speed, security, flexibility, and a deep understanding of what you, the player, really want.
      The accent here is security. This is a P2P marketplace with no intermediaries and no room for scam. white.market extension for safe trading is doing its work.
      One more thing is variety. Here you can find unique rare skins. Even those that are not available on Steam. Check it out.
      Don't settle for less. Elevate your game, your style, and your SMG with white.market, where every trade is a step towards your ultimate glory!
      Buy SMG CS:GO skins on white.marketSell SMG CS:GO skins on white.market