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Those who have played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive long enough know that it’s not all about the gaming process. Tradable in-game items are also very important. We are talking skins, stickers, pistols, knives, cases, and other cool stuff. Experienced gamers know that all these items are not only a way to express yourself in the game but also a smart investment. The prices on some of them can reach tens of thousands of dollars, and there are even cases when an item costs millions. So as you can imagine, it’s quite a fruitful area. In this article, we will explain what CS GO stickers are and why gamers like to buy them. Let’s start!
What are CS GO stickers?
Stickers are single-use items created to be placed on a weapon in CS:GO. There are usually four places on a weapon where you can apply them. Essentially, they work and look just like regular stickers in real life. They can be scraped off any time you want (simply left-click a weapon with stickers in your inventory and select “Scrape sticker”). But be careful: you cannot reverse this action. Also, there is no way to move stickers to another place if you already applied them. So if you have CS GO stickers on guns, you won’t be able to change their positions. If your sticker has been scraped a lot, it may not be visible in-game. You can scrape it off completely and apply a new one if you want.
Most gamers apply all CS GO stickers to express themselves, show that they belong to a certain team, or stand out from the crowd during the game.
What affects CS GO stickers' price?
The price of stickers depends on many factors. If you have a limited budget, you can still find lots of great stickers, even for the price of a couple of cents. However, as we mentioned earlier, stickers are non-reusable, which means that there are some old stickers that are not available now. And those rare oldies that are available can cost a lot of money. Plus, if a rare sticker is applied to a weapon, the price of the weapon can also grow.
There are certain rarities of stickers in CS:GO:
  • Blue (High Grade)
  • Purple (Remarkable/CS GO Holo stickers/Glitter)
  • Pink (Exotic/Foil)
  • Red (Souvenir/Gold)
  • Gold (Contraband)
Also, some of the stickers are created to celebrate some event, which can also make them more expensive. All team CS GO stickers seem to be in the lead when it comes to price.
What stickers are the most expensive out there?
To give you a better understanding of how much can rare stickers really cost, let’s take a look at the most unique and expensive ones as of right now:
Team LDLC (Holo) | Katowice (2014) – $20,000
Part of the reason why this sticker is so expensive is that the Team LDLC has a somewhat controversial story. One of its members has received a ban from the Major after cheating.
Vox Eminor (Holo) | Katowice (2014) – $35,000
This team was led by the legendary Chad ‘SPUNJ’ Burchill and achieved great results, so no wonder their sticker is still so greatly appreciated.
Reason Gaming (Holo) | Katowice (2014) – $45,000
This sticker has an amazing design with an orange gradient and a joystick in the middle. Many gamers want to add it to their collection.
iBUYPOWER (Holo) | Katowice (2014) – $60,000+
This sticker is from the EMS Katowice (2014) Challengers capsule. The sticker attracted a lot of attention, which is why it is so expensive.
Titan (Holo) | Katowice (2014) – $60,000+
Although the team behind this sticker couldn’t participate in the next major, they for sure left a lasting impression on everyone. No wonder this beautiful blue sticker is the most expensive right now.
How to get CS GO stickers?
There is no answer on how to make CS GO stickers, but anyone can buy or sell CS GO stickers on trading platforms such as Steam. They are usually quite easy to use. Although CS GO stickers market Steam is the most popular marketplace for such purposes, you should also consider smaller platforms that often offer even better conditions. For example, white.market is a relatively new P2P marketplace where you can safely trade skins without worrying about trading bots. The platform offers its users great prices, lower fees, and a lot of activities with nice rewards for the winners. Plus, users can earn passively by joining the referral program. The process of buying in-game items on white.market is similar to other platforms, so we will take it as an example.
How to buy stickers on white.market?
  • sign up with your Steam account;
  • install the extension for the browser (Google Chrome);
  • deposit funds to your balance using one of the available methods (or even digital assets);
  • find the sticker you’d like to purchase;
  • click the Buy button next to it and wait for the seller to approve it.
How to sell stickers on white.market?
  • sign up using your Steam account;
  • install the extension for the browser (Google Chrome);
  • create an ad for the CS GO sticker you want to sell;
  • when a customer decides to buy your sticker, you will have to confirm the deal.
That’s how easy it is!
To sum up, stickers are very important for CS:GO fans. They can cost a few cents or a few thousand dollars, but any of them can make your weapon look more interesting and unique. There are even CS GO female stickers out there. Anyone can find something to their liking! They can also be a great investment. So add them to your inventory and enjoy gaming!