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      CS:GO Sniper Rifles on white.market

      The game name has changed, but the AWP is always AWP. The legendary weapon can turn the tide of a battle in the hands of a master. Not everyone can master a sniper rifle. But since you're here, it looks like you're one of the chosen ones. And to emphasize your exclusivity, we suggest you choose a cool skin for your gun.
      CS:GO / CS2 Sniper Rifles (AWP) on white.market
      If you're a sniper at heart, you know the AWP in CS:GO is more than just a weapon. It’s part of you. You feel it like your own hands. A one-shot kill machine that instills fear and commands respect. Now imagine that power combined with eye-catching, jaw-dropping skins. That's what white.market brings to the table.
      We showcase a sweeping range of AWP CS:GO / СS2 skins, from the classic Asiimov to the elusive Dragon Lore. But it's not just eye candy; these are skins that tell the world you're not just a sniper — you're a force to be reckoned with.
      Buying Sniper Rifles in CS:GO / CS2 (AWP)
      So, you decided to add some color to your sniper game. white.market offers a convenient P2P marketplace where you can buy skins at attractive prices without intermediaries. All transactions are secure. Scams on P2P marketplaces are technically impossible, unlike outdated trading bots.
      Imagine: you are on the Mirage, the last of the team, holding a hard corner on the A-site. The enemy peeks out, and boom — one-shot kill. The whole team sees how your rifle takes out the enemy with a smooth headshot. What skin would you like to see on your sniper rifle in a moment of glory?
      How to Discover Your Perfect CS:GO / CS2 Sniper Rifle (AWP)
      There are 20k+ available sniper rifle skins on white.market right now. Choose your lovely gun to see the offers:
      Find your perfect skin here, on white.market!
      How to Buy CS:GO / CS2 Sniper Rifles (AWP) Skins on white.market: Step-By-Step
      Step 1: Log In via Steam
      Click the “Log In“ button at white.market. To link your CS:GO inventory to the marketplace, you only need to log in with your Steam ID.
      Note: Make sure your account is set for trading:
      • Confirm your email on white.market
      • Activate Steam Guard (if you haven’t yet)
      • Make sure that your privacy settings on Steam and your inventory are set to “Public”.
      • If you haven't set up a Steam Trade Link on white.market yet, please do so in your profile.
      • Set up an API Key on white.market.
      • Install the white.market’s Google Chrome extension or download our mobile app for safe trading: Google Play / App Store.
      Don’t worry, this is easier than it seems.
      Step 2: Top-up your account
      In the top-right corner, click ”Balance”. Next, select the deposit type by clicking the Plus icon. You can deposit money using any of the supported currencies, such as EUR, UAH, TRY, PLN, and others, or even cryptocurrencies.
      Step 3: Browse and Choose a Sniper Rifle
      As mentioned above, there are 20k+ available sniper rifle skins, so you will definitely find something you like.
      To find your lovely skins, use the search bar and filters. For example, you can search for Lightning Strike and see all skins of this type. To view all deals, open ”Filters” and locate them by name. If the pricing has already been decided, you can receive your item straight away.
      If you still can't find the skin you want or the offers don’t look fair to you, feel free to create an order. As soon as a wanted item is offered for sale at a reasonable price, you will buy it automatically.
      How to Safely Sell CS:GO / CS2 Sniper Rifles (AWP)
      Maybe you're on the other side of the transaction, looking to monetize your priceless collection. Nobody is forgotten!
      You must first log in and set up your trading account before you can begin. The initial steps are the same:
      • Log in via Steam ID;
      • Confirm your email;
      • Activate Steam Guard;
      • Make sure your inventory is set to ”Public” on Steam;
      • Set up a Steam Trade Link on white.market;
      • Set up an API Key on white.market;
      • Install the white.market’s Google Chrome extension or download our mobile app for safe trading: Google Play / App Store.
      Then, select the skin that is for sale by opening your Inventory. Say you want to sell an AWP Graphite. Set your desired price by clicking on it. Click the ”Sell now” option after that. If you are not sure about the price, check the offers on white.market. If your price is below the market, you would sell your skin faster.
      If someone pre-orders your skin at your price, the gun will be sold. If not, you must wait for someone to purchase your skin. As soon as it occurs, a Steam offer will be sent to you. Do not neglect to review your offers.
      Got a trade offer? Congratulations! Accept the deal after verifying the buyer's nickname, profile picture, and registration date. Enter the Steam app to accept the offer. Your profit will be credited as soon as the transaction is finished.
      Get Started Trading Sniper Rifles in CS:GO / CS2 (AWP) with Cryptocurrency
      One of our features is that you can top-up your balance and withdraw funds in crypto. If you're keen on securing your skins and your financial privacy, trading with cryptocurrency on white.market is your go-to move. Our platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies, so you can trade in the digital currency of your choice. Most of our users prefer USDT. No tangled bank wires, no third-party payment processors, just smooth, fast transactions that keep you in control. You don’t even need to have a bank account.
      Imagine this: you've just clinched a match with a jaw-dropping AWP shot, and now you're ready to cash in on a new skin. With crypto, that AWP Dragon Lore or Hyper Beast isn't just a visual spectacle; it's an investment. You can buy, hold, or sell without touching traditional currency.
      If you are not into crypto, that’s also fine. Traditional payment methods still work on Whitepay. It’s your choice: to trade skins for crypto or for your local currency.
      So, what are you waiting for? Explore the marketplace!
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