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      Heavy Weapons on white.market

      You know the art of pre-firing and have mastered the timing to get the most out of your weapon's fire rate. You don't shy away from close-quarters combat and are often the first to break into a site, weapon blazing. You're not the silent assassin type. You are always in the center of things. That's why you love CS:GO heavy weapons. And that's why you deserve a fabulous skin. white.market is here to help you buy it.
      Explore CS:GO / CS2 Heavy Weapons on white.market
      Heavy weapons in CS:GO and CS2 aren't just about making noise. They're about making an impact. These bad boys pack a punch, offering both high damage and suppression capabilities. Talking Negevs, M249s, and XM1014s here — weapons designed to not only tear through the enemy but also to provide cover fire for your mates.
      Whether you're holding down a site or busting through enemy lines, nothing says, ”stay back” like a fully loaded heavy. At white.market, we offer a killer collection of these game-changers. Don't just settle for vanilla skins; own the battlefield with something that screams your style.
      Iconic CS:GO Heavy Weapon Skins
      When you're unleashing hell with a Negev or locking down an angle with an XM1014, you want to do it in style. That's where white.market shines. Imagine wielding a Negev with a ”Dazzle” or ”Loudmouth” skin, turning every firefight into a personalized experience. Or what about defending a bomb with an M249 Nebula Crusader, making you not just a player but a celestial warlord? Skins aren't just eye candy. They're a badge of identity.
      Why Choose Heavy Weapons
      Heavy CS:GO weapons are guns for real heroes. They say you're not afraid to be the backbone of your team, to lay down suppressive fire, or to create a path for your teammates. These weapons are for players who love to tank the front lines, who want the thrill of breaking a site wide open or holding it down like a fortress. Heavies give you options: bust through a choke point with a hail of bullets, or turn an enemy rush into minced meat. If you're tired of the same old AK or AWP game, it's time to get heavy.
      A Diverse Selection of Heavy Weapons in CS:GO / CS2
      white.market offers a plethora of heavy weapon choices tailored to fit your in-game needs. Want to suppress the enemy with a relentless barrage? Grab a Negev. Need to hold down a tight corner? An XM1014 with incendiary rounds will do the trick.
      Check out the available CS:GO heavy skins:
      Top players deserve top skins.
      From the raw power of a camo-covered M249 to the opulence of an XM1014 with a Tranquility skin, the options are limitless. Come find the heavy weapon that lets you play the game your way.
      How to Buy CS:GO / CS2 Heavy Weapons on white.market
      Alright’ let's get down to business. Here is a step-by-step guide.
      Step 1: Log In via Steam
      Go to white.market and hit the “Log In“ button. You will be redirected to Steam. Log In via Steam to continue.
      Note: Your account must be set for trading. Here is the checklist:
      • Confirm your email on white.market
      • Activate Steam Guard (if you haven’t yet)
      • Make sure that your privacy settings on Steam and your inventory are set to “Public”.
      • If you haven't set up a Steam Trade Link on white.market yet, please do so in your profile.
      • Set up an API Key on white.market.
      • Install the white.market’s Google Chrome extension or download our mobile app for safe trading: Google Play / App Store.
      This will take no longer than a CS:GO match. Most likely, much less.
      Step 2: Top-up your account
      Click “Balance” in the top-right corner. Then, click the Plus icon and choose the deposit type. There are two ways to top-up your account:
      1. With your bank card.
      2. With crypto: you may use a direct blockchain transfer or a WhiteBIT Code. We support USDT, BTC, ETH and WBT.
      Done? Now you have some money. Let’s go shopping.
      Step 3: Browse and Select Your Desired Rifle
      We have over 200k+ skins on white.market, and over 15k+ of them are CS:GO heavy weapons alone. It’s a lot, right? Perhaps, it’s even too much to check them all. Luckily, we have filters. Open “Filters” and find some skins by their names (for example, “Banana Leaf”). You can also filter skins by price, exterior and rarity.
      See a skin that makes you think, “This is it“? Tap on it. A comprehensive look at the skin appears, featuring its cost, quality, and any extra details. We understand, you have high standards for your skin, and we're the same way. All set to make a purchase? Hit “Buy“ to submit your offer. The seller will review your bid and approve it. The skin then gets moved to your inventory instantly. If you're dealing with pros, offers usually get the green light within an hour.
      FAQ: How to buy skins on white.market
      How to Sell CS:GO / CS2 Heavy Weapons on white.market
      Got extra heavy weapons or skins collecting dust? white.market makes selling them a breeze.
      First things first, you need to log in and prepare your account for trading. The first steps are very similar:
      • Log in via Steam ID;
      • Confirm your email;
      • Activate Steam Guard;
      • Make sure your inventory is set to “Public“ on Steam;
      • Set up a Steam Trade Link on white.market;
      • Set up an API Key on white.market;
      • Install the white.market’s Google Chrome extension or download our mobile app for safe trading: Google Play / App Store.
      First, navigate to your Inventory and pick the skin you wish to offload. For example, if you've got an Antique you're looking to sell, click on it and specify your asking price. Hit the “Sell Now“ button afterward. If someone has a standing order for your skin at the price you've set, it'll sell immediately. Otherwise, you'll have to hang tight until a buyer comes along. A Steam offer will pop up when that happens, so keep an eye on your incoming offers.
      Once you're finished selling, review the purchaser's username, profile picture, and sign-up date before confirming the transaction. Finalize the offer using the Steam app. Once the transaction wraps up, your white.market balance will be updated with your earnings.
      Forget deadbeat trades and sketchy deals. With white.market, you're in control, setting your price, and reaching an audience that appreciates the value of a good heavy weapon. Selling on white.market is for players who mean business!
      Cryptocurrency Transactions for Heavy CS:GO Weapons
      Have we mentioned that you can trade skins for crypto? Sure, we did. So, yeah. You can. And you should try.
      When you pay with crypto, the transaction is also secured by blockchain technology, meaning your purchases are traceable and tamper-proof. Safe and convenient.
      Global Accessibility
      With cryptocurrencies, you're not shackled by regional limitations or currency conversion fees. Whether you're in Europe, Asia or Africa, you can buy or sell skins for crypto with ease. All you need is a crypto wallet.
      CS:GO / CS2 skins are available at white.market
      Look, if you're a CS:GO or CS2 player and haven't checked out white.market for skins yet, you're missing out. We're not talking about some run-of-the-mill, dime-a-dozen skins you can find anywhere. white.market offers an expansive inventory of the most kick-ass heavy weapon skins that'll make you the envy of your squad.
      Whether you're a Negev nut or a MAG-7 maven, white.market's got you covered. What sets us apart is our attention to the nuances of the CS:GO and CS2 culture. We understand that skins are not just pixels on a screen; they're a statement of your style, your persona, and even your skill.
      Need AWP Dragon Lore or AK-47 Neon Revolution? Everything is available. What about rare collectibles? We also have this. More than 200,000 skins are currently available on the marketplace. Choose yours.
      Buy CS:GO Heavy skins on white.marketSell CS:GO Heavy skins on white.market