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This Website is managed by the Whitemarket group, consisting of the following companies: WhitemarketDigital OÜ and Whitemarket Limited, which are further mentioned as "WhiteMarket", "Us", "We", or "Our".
Using Our website ("Website"), clicking the confirm checkbox while registering for a WhiteMarket Account or using any other Services provided by WhiteMarket, which do not require registration, person becomes the User of Our Website and provide Us with full and explicit consent to accept and comply with these WhiteMarket Terms of Use ("Terms") as stated below.
As well, using the Website, you represent and warrant (i) that you are over 18 years of age, and (ii) you have full legal capacity to enter the Terms and to use Our Services, and (iii) using Our Services is legal according to the laws of your country. It's your responsibility to follow the rules, laws and regulations of your countries of residence, location and citizenship, as well as the rules of third-party services, which you are exploiting in the course of your activities on the Website.
  1. General Terms

    WhiteMarket Services include provision of software functionality, which:
    • enables and facilitates the search and communication on the cooperation terms between the Users regarding the transferring of the in-game content licenses/sublicenses, a.k.a. skins (hereinafter – “Items”);
    • allows to Offer a Trade from your Steam account.
    Operations related to the cryptocurrency Deposit or Withdrawal (for providing services as mentioned at Sections 4.1. and 4.2.) transactions are managed by Whitemarket Limited.
    While using WhiteMarket Website, you may separately be offered additional services, products or promotions by third parties and/or already use them. You shall be aware that exploitation of any other third-party services, including, but not limited to Steam services and products, you do so at your own risk and you are solely responsible for reviewing, understanding and complying with the associated terms and conditions. We expressly disclaim any liability for third-party services and are not responsible for the performance of third-party services or products, as well as do not participate in such service provision.
  2. Account Registration

    In order to use the Website and/or Our services, you should perform a registration and create an individual account on WhiteMarket (hereinafter - "Account"). During the registration process we will ask you to provide us with the following information:
    • Link to the profile of your Steam account will be required to be provided via OpenID, allowing you to initiate Items transfer. Please be aware, that We do not ask, receive, use or store the details of and/or access to your accounts on any other third-party services, including, but not limited, to the Steam account. Our support team, contact person or representative will NEVER ask you to provide Us with such credentials (for example, account password and login, Steam Guard credentials, connected tel.no. and email)) to your Steam account; you are solely responsible for keeping your third-party accounts details secured and non-disclosed;
    • Email address;
    • Nickname.
    In order to use particular Services You may be required to go through the verification procedure and to successfully pass Know You Customer (hereinafter - "KYC") check. KYC is regulated below in Section 5. Know Your Client (KYC).
    Information provided during the Account registration should be valid and accurate. Registration data and other information about you is subject to the accompanying . You shall be responsible for keeping your Account information up to date and immediately notify us about any amendments/changes or updates in the data provided in course of registration.
    By registering the Account on WhiteMarket and providing your contact details and other personal information, you provide Us with an explicit consent to communicate with you on the basis as set in WhiteMarket Privacy Policy.
    You are solely responsible for maintaining security and control over the Account logins, passwords, two-factor authentication codes or any other codes or data essential to access the Account. WhiteMarket is not responsible for any losses incurred due to unauthorized access to the Account
    You are solely responsible for maintaining security and control over the Steam account logins, passwords, two-factor authentication codes or any other codes or data related to your Steam account. WhiteMarket is not responsible for any losses incurred due to unauthorized access to your Steam account.
    You are solely responsible for any actions done during any use of your Account, including any damages caused. We recommend you to immediately notify Us if you detect any unauthorized activity on your Account.
    You may suspend and/or delete your Account at any time by sending Us the respective request through the email . However, you should be aware that We are entitled to store the data received with respect to your account for some time after the suspension of the Account, due to the terms specified in .
    If you have no activity on your Account for 6 (six) consequent months from the date of last activity, We may delete your Account permanently. We also are entitled to block/suspend/delete your Account in case if We become aware about the violation and/or non-compliance with any requirements of these Terms, and/or in case of receipt of any claims from other Users, third parties, with regard to the User’s violation of any other applied rules, regulations, procedures; infringement of third parties rights, including - intellectual property rights.
    Registration deems to be completed from the moment of successful Steam account linking. Upon the registration completion (and verification - for particular Services, if applicable) you are entitled to Use the functionality of the Service.
  3. Your Use of third-party services

    WhiteMarket is designed exclusively for the provision of Services as specified herein.
    Users shall be aware, that:
    • WhiteMarket is not a counterparty to any other third-part services, including Steam services and products; relies on its own software functionality and commercial experience in course of Service provision;
    • the User’s actions performed on the WhiteMarket related to the Items exchange initiation are performed through the User’s Steam account via WhiteMarket user interface by the User. WhiteMarket bears no responsibility and provides no indemnification for the User’s omissions, mistakes, and other actions performed during items exchange;
    • WhiteMarket does not participate in any transactions, communication and/or cooperation, executed between the Users; the Services are limited to the provision of access to the software functionality, which enables Users to communicate and cooperate between each other. Therefore, WhiteMarket cannot be responsible for any content, transaction, subject/object/result of any cooperation, executed between the Users, as well as for the content of Users’ Accounts;
    • WhiteMarket is not a trading platform, as well as not an agent, advisor, party to any activity, executed by Users. Further, WhiteMarket is not a payment processor and/or liquidity provider, and/ or custodian to any activity, transactions, executed between the Users. We take fair commission for the use of Our Services, deducted in an automatic mode for each time of successful Item transaction completion between Users. Commission we take may differ depending on the transaction sum, your total or monthly turnover and temporary promotions.
    • WhiteMarket is not an online shop. The Website does not send, sell nor receive, purchase any third-parties products, including but not limited to Steam items. In no way WhiteMarket receives, uses or gets access to the copyright and/or protected IP objects of any other third-parties. WhiteMarket directly and explicitly restricts its Users to post, demonstrate and/or upload any content within their Account which violates and/or can potentially violate any other third-party’s rights. WhiteMarket does not control the content of the Users’ Accounts and shall be not obliged to monitor it. However, WhiteMarket shall be entitled to execute such monitoring and/or checks from time to time, by its own discretion.
    User shall solely check and ensure that its activities (communication, cooperation and/or exchanges between each other) are in full compliance with license agreements, obligations, provided by the owners of any used products and/or services and by means of Account registration directly and explicitly guarantees that User has all the required scope of rights and entitlements to use such materials within his Account. WhiteMarket shall not be responsible for the User’s usage of such materials, does not engage with owners of such materials and deems that lawfulness of such usage comes from the abovementioned User’s guarantee.
    You should abide by the Steam and other third parties rules. Please, be notified that such restrictions on services, licenses and digital products are out of WhiteMarket control. For example, Items under the Steam trade lock cannot be transferred till such lock expiration. WhiteMarket is not liable for loss of funds or goods resulting from decisions made by third parties that provide services necessary for the operation of WhiteMarket. Moreover, We do not monitor any changes and modifications in the terms of any third-party service provisions.
  4. Order of Service provision

    Users shall be aware that ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE FINAL AND IRREVERSIBLE. You can not refund or reverse transactions that were successfully performed.
    All the transactions between the Users are performed outside of Our platform and may be executed via third-party services, including, but not limited to Steam services, and they are beyond Our control. We do NOT bear any responsibility for the operations performed outside WhiteMarket, as well do NOT represent Steam or Steam Community Market, or any other third-party service.
    Please, be aware that if We find you in material breach of Steam Subscriber Agreement, Steam API Terms of Use, Steam Web API documentation, We are entitled to promptly notify Steam of such breach and take actions in order to remedy such breach.
    We strongly recommend you to strictly follow the Instruction of the use of any third-party service in order to avoid being victim of any fraud, scam, stealing, or other possible misbehavior.
    WhiteMarket Services are provided 'AS IS', hence, WhiteMarket cannot guarantee the Website, its content, or components will be free from errors, interruptions, defects, or other technical issues. At Our sole discretion, we reserve the right to partially or completely, temporarily or permanently, disable access to the Services for Users and/or to any of Users’ Accounts upon detection of potential manipulations, breaches, and violations of these Terms, current AML/CFT rules and regulations, other applicable laws, upon detection of any suspicious activities, and/or in cases of receiving any substantiated complaints from other Users, aiming to prevent such possible violations and/or manipulations.
    If WhiteMarket has reasons to believe that there is any suspicious activity (any third-party complaints on any suspicious activity) on the Account or conducted by the User and/or the User wishes to perform any suspicious transaction, WhiteMarket may, at its sole discretion: refuse provision of the Services; request additional information confirming the legitimate nature of the transaction such as additional KYC verification, proof of funds and/or photo/video verification etc.; block the User’s access to his/her Account; terminate these Terms of Use without prior notice to the User.
    Please be aware that all Commissions/Fees for conducting any fiat transactions, including but not limited to the Fees for bank transfers, are solely imposed on Users, in accordance with the terms of third-party financial institutions that Users utilize to conduct such transactions.
    The Users hereby expressly consent to WhiteMarket's utilization of their Steam accounts for the purpose of executing transactions, including but not limited to sending and receiving Trade Offers on Steam, conducting Trade operations, reviewing the inventory of their Steam accounts, as well as verifying Items and confirming transactions/Trades.
    1. Deposit

      DEPOSITED FUNDS CANNOT BE WITHDRAWN unless the otherwise is stated herein.
      If you suppose that the Deposit is subject to refund, contact us via email [email protected].
      Deposit is deemed as a prepayment for: the transactions between the Users, and prepayment of the WhiteMarket commission and is held with the Funds. Equivalent of the User’s funds to the USD is calculated as WhiteMarket Funds (“Funds”). Funds received by the User as the result of the Items selling may be withdrawn as regulated below in the Section 4.2. Withdrawal. If such Funds were not withdrawn within 14 (fourteen) days, they are deemed as a prepayment.
      For the purposes of the Website, We display in Users` cabinets a cumulative unified balance, comprising Deposits made by Users in both fiat and cryptocurrency to the companies operating the WhiteMarket Website, as well as payments received by Users in fiat or cryptocurrency from the sale of the Items to other Users. These balances are all reflected on a notional unified balance in equivalent to the United States Dollar (equivalent to the Funds).
      This statement is provided for the convenience of Users due to the pricing of Items being denominated in Funds and is notional. It does not imply any conversion of Deposits made by Users or payments received by Users, nor does it indicate any transactions between the companies operating the WhiteMarket Website.
      For your convenience all the prices and transaction details are displayed in the corresponding USD (Funds) equivalent. The User may choose an option to see the prices and transaction details in the equivalent of the WhiteMarket Funds to national currency if the WhiteMarket provides such the functionality for the appropriate national currency:
      • according to the rates provided by the European Central Bank - EUR; PLN; TRY;
      • according to the rates provided by the National Bank of Ukraine - UAH.
      Unless otherwise stated, the Funds are not tradable, exchangeable or redeemable against any traditional currency, any other open digital currency, physical goods or any other values, but the Funds represent the extent of your ability to use Our Services.
      By purchasing the Funds, Users acknowledge and understand that it may only be used within WhiteMarket for the purposes stated herein. Users also acknowledge and agree that they may not transfer, purchase, sell, or exchange the Funds outside of WhiteMarket.
      Funds are inseparably connected to the Account and may not be transferred between Accounts otherwise than via selling Items.
      The actual price of the Funds may change from time to time as well as acceptable currencies for the purchase of Funds, so please pay attention to the details which will be displayed within your Account prior to the start of Depositing procedure.
      The minimum Deposit amount is equal to 10 USD.
      If, as a result of a technical or human error, your Account was Deposited with the Funds that do not belong to you, We retain the right to deduct them from your Account and void any transactions made using the Funds received in error or incorrectly. In the event of such errors, you must immediately inform Us via email and avoid any actions with such Funds.
      Incoming and outgoing payments (deposits/withdrawals) are processed through Our partner third-party financial services. We do not collect any payment details such as credit card details – but only receive a notification once the payment has been successfully completed. We are not responsible for delays, failures, payment refuses or other issues which may arise upon the use of the third-party services.
      If a payment through the available methods fails, refused by the payment service provider, if assets used for the Deposit are detected as suspicious, illegal or under investigation, We shall be under no obligation to fulfill any of the third-party obligations, and We may immediately suspend the Account, block any Funds on the Account, to suspend the access to the Services. You bear any possible costs, loss or fees resulting from the failed, suspicious or refused Deposit payment.
    2. Withdrawal

      As the Withdrawal We hereby understand the vice versa to the Deposit process, exactly sale and purchase of the Funds where the User sells and We purchase. The Funds price is equal for both Deposit and Withdrawal.
        The Funds on your Account may be Withdrawn to cryptocurrency or FIAT if all of the following rules are abide:
      • The Funds are received from the sale of the Items;
      • The payment method has been successfully verified;
      • The KYC procedure is successfully completed.
      You may NOT withdraw funds that were Deposited to Account or received in other than Items selling ways. For example the Funds received as a result of bonus deposits, gifts, giveaways, promotions, etc. may not be Withdrawn.
      Please, be aware that Withdrawal is made via the third-party payment providers. According to the limitations set up by such third parties THE MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL AMOUNT IS EQUAL TO 10 USD.
      Payment of the fees related to the transfer, including commission on the side of third-parties (for example, payments system, your bank institution, card issuer, network or gas fees) shall be performed at your expense.
      Please, be aware that We do not provide any insurance, and/or guarantees as to the Deposited and/or Withdrawn Funds. The Services are provided on an "AS IS" basis, therefore WhiteMarket cannot guarantee that the Website, its content or components will be free of errors, interferences, defects or other technical problems. WhiteMarket does not provide guarantees as to the Service availability for particular purposes, at any given period of time, as well as compliance with the rules and policies of any given jurisdiction. Users shall be aware that the Website can be accessed online, and therefore, can potentially be subject to cyber-attacks, viruses and other similar negative activities. Online access does not guarantee the absolute safety of the Website and Services provided, therefore User shall use Services at its own risk and WhiteMarket shall not be responsible for any loss and/or damage raised from the threats to the User Account.
  5. Know Your Client (KYC)

    In order to avoid and reduce possible risks of involving WhiteMarket in any type of illegal activity, We act in accordance with AML/CFT regulations. As the KYC procedure is an essential part of compliance with AML/CFT regulations, We may ask you to complete KYC verification in the way of providing Us with the following documents:
    • Passport or National ID;
    • Utility bill or bank account extract confirming your address;
    • Source and proof of funds;
    • any other documents which may be required in order to comply with actual AML/CFT policies and regulations which We may find necessary to submit.
    If you fail to provide Us with the adequate KYC documents, We reserve the right to reject the investigated transaction, freeze the investigated Funds, or suspend your Account until such documents are provided.
    All the documents provided during the KYC procedure are subject to the accompanying and may be used only for the verification of your identity in order to provide Services.
  6. Referral Program

    Subject to User’s compliance with the Terms, WhiteMarket may provide the User with the access to participation in the WhiteMarket Referral Program. Participating in the WhiteMarket Referral Program the User warrants that he/she has read and understood the WhiteMarket Referral Program and accepts it in full.
    Such participation is regulated by the WhiteMarket Referral Program ( Referral Program).
  7. License

    Subject to your compliance with these Terms, and your payment of any applicable fees, We grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to access and make personal and non-commercial use of the Website. This license does not include any resale or commercial use of the Website, or its contents; any collection and use of any product listings, descriptions, or prices; any derivative use; any downloading, copying, or other use of Account information for the benefit of any third-party; or any use of data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools. All rights not expressly granted to you in these Terms are reserved and retained by Us.
    You may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble, tamper with, or bypass any security associated with the Website, whether in whole or in part. Nor the Website, nor any part of it, may be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without Our express written consent. You may not frame or utilize framing techniques to enclose any trademark, logo, or other proprietary information (including images, text, page layout, or form) of the Website. You may not use any meta tags or any other "hidden text" utilizing Our name or trademarks. You may not misuse the Website. The licenses granted hereby terminate if you do not comply with Terms, your country legislation or Steam rules, allowing Us to any or all of the following: freeze Funds on your Account, suspend the Account, delete the Account, seek compensation for damages and loss.
    We are not representing, acting on behalf of, affiliated with or in other way connected to Valve Corporation or any of its subsidiaries, as well as to Steam service or any game published on Steam, or any other third-party service providers. Any references to the trademarks and/or commercial designations of any third parties do not pursue any commercial goals and could be provided for informational purposes only.
  8. WhiteMarket API (Application Programming Interface).

    Under particular conditions and at the User's request, WhiteMarket reserves the discretion to offer an additional service related to the API for transaction and order execution purposes (hereinafter, the ‘WhiteMarket API’). Users utilizing the WhiteMarket API are obliged to comply with the aforementioned API usage terms and conditions.
    The WhiteMarket API allows Users to access and utilize WhiteMarket’s API (Application Programming Interface), encompassing REST, GraphQL, Websocket, along with associated API documentation, which will be available to Users after the decision to provide such Services is made by WhiteMarket.
    Terms of Use of the WhiteMarket API and API documentation:
    • Access and Authentication: To access the WhiteMarket API, please contact WhiteMarket; upon internal approval, access to the WhiteMarket API and API documentation will be granted. Usage Guidelines: The WhiteMarket API can be utilized solely as per these terms and the API documentation. Users are granted a limited license to access and employ the WhiteMarket API and API documentation.
    • Restrictions and Changes: Modifications, security threats, or attempts to bypass service limitations are restricted. Usage of WhiteMarket API in any manner that may threaten the security or functionality of the WhiteMarket API or our Services, to circumvent the intended features, functionality or limitations of the Services, perform any vulnerability, penetration or similar testing is prohibited. Any usage of the WhiteMarket API that violates laws or infringes intellectual property is prohibited. WhiteMarket reserves the right to alter the WhiteMarket API without prior notice to the Users.
    • Monitoring and Communication: WhiteMarket retains the right to monitor API usage without interference. No assurance of confidentiality, security, or reliability of data transmission via the API over public networks.
    • Ownership and Warranties: All rights to the WhiteMarket API and related materials remain with WhiteMarket or its suppliers. The WhiteMarket API, API Documentation, any related data and all materials provided by Us hereunder are licensed and not “sold” to the Users. User agree to indemnify WhiteMarket against losses from their applications, breaches of laws or warranties, improper WhiteMarket API use, or unauthorized data utilization, etc. Users warrant that all transmitted data, including any Personal Information, complies with applicable laws, securing necessary third-party consents, authorizations, and permissions, allowing us to provide the WhiteMarket API and uphold our rights under these WhiteMarket API Terms of Use.
    • No Warranties: WhiteMarket API is provided 'as is' and 'as available'. WhiteMarket explicitly disclaims all warranties, whether expressed or implied, including fitness for a specific purpose, merchantability, availability, or ensuring the security, error-free nature, or virus-free state of the WhiteMarket API. Additionally, WhiteMarket holds no financial responsibility for any losses incurred by users during their utilization of the WhiteMarket API.
  9. Limitation of liability

    We make no warranties or guarantees that the products and/or services of any third-party are of acceptable quality and correspond to the description.
    The Website may contain links to other websites or services. We are not responsible for the contents of such third-party websites, materials, information, or services. The access and use of such websites, materials, information, or services are at your own risk.
    We are not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, punitive or other losses or damages (including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, loss of business, use, data, or other intangible damages), under any contract, tort (including, without limitation, negligence and strict liability) or other legal theory, howsoever caused, arising out of or relating in any way to the Website its contents or any information on the Website, or any errors or omissions therein, even caused by strikes, lockout, acts of God, delays in transport, hacker attacks, Our fault, tort, negligence, or breach.
    If the law of your country of residence does not permit all or any part of the above limitation of liability or exclusion of warranties, the limitations, exclusions, and disclaimers will apply to you only to the extent permitted by law.
  10. Dispute resolution/Communication

    Any dispute between you and Us, should be resolved initially through negotiations within 10 (ten) business days. If a dispute was not resolved by negotiations, it should be referred to and finally resolved by the competent court under the law of England and Wales.
    If you have any questions regarding these Terms, any disputes, or any other inquiries please contact us via email .
  11. Tax obligation

    We are not a tax agent. You are solely responsible for determining any income (or any other) tax liabilities, which you may or may not have, and for fulfillment of obligations to pay such taxes. If you are concerned about your tax obligations, please consult a tax advisor.
  12. Terms amendments

    The Website reserves the right to at any time update, amend or modify any part of these terms and conditions or to otherwise change the Service or its part, without prior notifications. Any amendment of the terms and conditions or Service shall be binding upon publication hereby.
    For your convenience, the date of the publication is stated on the top of these Terms.
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