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      Pistols in CS:GO

      Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular multiplayer shooters in the world as of now. People enjoy not only the game itself but also the in-game items that can be traded outside of CS:GO: skins, cases, knives, pistols, etc. Their price depends on how rare they are, what quality they have, and what unique features they possess. All these items help characters to stand out from the crowd. CS GO pistols, in particular, are valuable because of how they can be used in various scenarios, even in close combat. Let’s find out more about them and CS GO pistol tips in this article!
      What makes pistols so great?
      There are a few types of pistols in the game. Most people enjoy modifying their weapons with various crosshairs and silencers to maximize accuracy and lower the sound of a shot. Pistols can be great instruments in skilled hands: gamers can save money on more expensive weapons or get an advantage in close combat. However, using a CS GO pistol needs more practice and skills.
      What types of pistols are there?
      Every gamer can find something to their liking among various types of CS GO pistols. If you are looking for a new addition to your inventory, do your research first. With the right pistol, you can achieve great results and take your gaming one step further.
      This is a standard pistol given to terrorists at the beginning of the round. It is quick and has low accuracy when it comes to long-range shooting. Using crosshair and shooting in short bursts can help to solve this issue.
      P2000 and USP-S
      These CS GO pistols are given to the counter-terrorists at the beginning of a round. They have a high accuracy and heavy damage. On the other hand, they are quite slow. Such pistols are often used to protect the bomb zone or control the passages on the map.
      Desert Eagle
      It is a powerful pistol that can cause a lot of damage. However, one of its disadvantages is the fact that it can be rather slow. If you don’t have enough money for a pricy rifle, it can be used as the main weapon.
      Tec-9 and CZ75-Auto
      These are assault rifles that are fast and cause a lot of damage, but they also have a noticeable kickback. They can be very useful in a close combat situation.
      This pistol can be used as a main weapon or as an additional weapon in close combat. P250 has high accuracy, low kickback, and noticeable damage. It is reloaded fast and can be quite effective on a long distance.
      Dual Berettas
      These CS GO pistol skins are often used as an additional weapon in close combat. They have two clips with 15 bullets in each of them. Dual Berettas are very quick, yet they have a strong kickback and lower accuracy. They are not the most effective weapons in the game, which is why they are better to be used by experienced gamers. Overall, they are an interesting choice for those who like to experiment with weapons.
      Of course, there are lots of great pistols in the game, but even a cheaper one can help you achieve new heights if used wisely.
      Where to buy CS:GO pistols?
      The easiest way to get a CS GO pistol is to buy it on a skins trading platform. The most famous of them is, of course, Steam. However, before buying or selling in-game items, you should evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of such a platform.
      When choosing a marketplace to buy skins or CS GO pistols, check how reputable it is, what reviews it has, what unique features it offers, and how safe it is. It is also wise to take smaller or newer platforms into consideration.
      An example of such a platform is white.market. It is a P2P marketplace created for skins trading without bots. It offers low fees, good prices, and lots of activities with great rewards. Users can also make passive income on the referral program (20+20%).
      To buy a CS GO pistol on white.market, you need to:
      • sign up on the platform with your Steam account;
      • install the white.market extension for Google Chrome;
      • deposit money to your balance via one of many available methods (including digital assets);
      • find the pistol you like in the marketplace;
      • click the Buy button next to it and wait for the seller to approve it.
      If you want to sell a CS GO pistol on white.market, you need to:
      • sign up on the platform using your Steam account;
      • install the extension for Google Chrome;
      • create an ad for the CS GO pistol you want to sell;
      • when a customer decides to buy your pistol, you will need to confirm the deal.
      As you can see, both processes are very simple. Of course, they may differ on various platforms, but there shouldn’t be any complications if you choose a decent marketplace.
      It is important to understand that in CS GO all pistols are crucial for the game. Every pistol has its own unique features, and a lot of factors can affect your choice: gaming style, your location on the map, and the situation on the battlefield. Some pistols are also quite rare, which makes them valuable for collectors and CS:GO fans. Good luck and have fun!